First-Class Honours Game Design and Art graduate specialising in level and gameplay design.


Thought-provoking puzzle platformer

Denizen was my Final Major Project at university and is the end result of three months of research and three months of game development. My research focussed on the homelessness crisis and the struggles homeless people can face. I had observed the dramatic increase in homelessness in Southampton and Winchester just in the short time while I was attending university and I wanted to find out what was causing this increase and why it was happening. Denizen aimed to highlight some of the issues I found during my research through its gameplay and story. I designed puzzle challenges which were simple to solve if you were in the ideal circumstances, but provided a much deeper challenge if you were not. This idea was the fundamental design philosophy behind Denizen and aimed to highlight how homeless people can encounter greater challenges just because of their circumstances.

You can follow the entire development process from start to finish at


Interactive Game Design Document

SleepClear is the culmination of my research from my last year of University. The objective of the semester was to choose a subject to research and then create a Game Design Document (GDD) from this research. This GDD would then be the basis for our Final Major Projects. With SleepClear I wanted to combine all of my research into an interactive GDD which would emphasise the kind of game experience my Final Major Project would be. I also wanted my research to inform the way I designed the gameplay mechanics of Denizen, and so throughout my research I also developed game prototypes which explored the ideas and themes found in my research. You can explore my research at


Challenging Retro Platformer

SOUNDeSCAPE is a vertical slice I developed over the course of two semesters alongside a team of six other students. During the first semester I worked independently to produce a GDD which laid out the blueprint for an entire game. In a competitive exhibition of this GDD, I convinced my peers to choose SOUNDeSCAPE to develop into a vertical slice during the second semester. I became the Creative Rirector on the project and the primary Unity developer. I was also responsible for the music and sound effects in the game.

As I did with my previous projects, I also documented the development process at