Professional Portfolio


I was the Unity Developer on Alphaputt, responsible for programming the game, prototyping levels and implementing the app’s UI design. I worked closely alongside Matt Rice (the Co-founder & Creative Director at Sennep) to create gameplay prototypes from his level designs. My prototypes were then used by our Motion Designer as the basis for the final designs which I would then integrate into the game. I designed the gameplay for many levels myself and also worked alongside an audio programmer who was responsible for the game’s Wwise integration.

OLO Loco

My work on OLO Loco involved programming the single player and multiplayer gameplay. The original OLO was developed natively in Swift, so I had to recreate the game feel and physics of the original inside Unity. I worked jointly with Christoph Lorenzi (the original Game Designer of OLO and Technical Director at Sennep) to make the game feel as close to the original as possible. I also worked alongside another App Developer to integrate my multiplayer code into the game.