Professional Portfolio



As the primary Unity Developer for Alphaputt, I designed levels and gameplay features, taking them from my initial sketches through prototyping, playtesting and continuous iteration and improvement to produce a refined and focused final game. I programmed all key aspects of gameplay and collaborated with our Motion Designer to integrate the 3D concepts seamlessley into the game. I also liaised with a Sound Design Studio to facilitate the Audio Programmer’s implementation of their vision for the game’s audio. Working as an integral part of this close-knit team, alongside Matt Rice (Sennep Co-founder & Creative Director), I used my diverse game develeloper skillset to craft a number one game for the whole family.

OLO Loco

iOS / Android

The original OLO Loco was developed natively for iOS. My role focused on creating an Android version of OLO Loco. I recreated the game feel and physics of the original Swift version inside Unity. I recreated all games modes and multiplayer gameplay. I worked jointly with the original Game Designer of OLO Loco to make the game feel as close to the original as possible.