Group Project Roles
  • Game Design (4 months)
  • Game Development (Unity – 4 months)
  • Coding (C#)
  • Level Design
  • Music

Rock star Eddie Fade finds himself trapped between a world of rippin’ rock music and a nightmarish hellscape of quantized dance music. Free Eddie from the Quantized Continuum in this frenetic 2D Action-Adventure game. Use Eddie’s axe to zap the Quantized and help him escape from his worst nightmare, a world where dance music reigns supreme.

SOUNDeSCAPE was developed at university over the course of two semesters. During the first semester I worked independently to produce a game design document which laid out a blueprint for an entirely new game. My game design document was then shown, along with my peers’, at an exhibition. My presentation at this exhibition convinced my peers to choose SOUNDeSCAPE to develop into a vertical slice during the second semester. Essentially, we created a demo of the game which included all of the fundamental mechanics. This demo is what you can play using the button below.